LOVE YOUR TENT – international campaign

GO Group is happy to support this year’s LOVE YOUR TENT international initiative/campaign, which was initiated by Eco Action Partnership and got the support of Yourope (the European Festival association), A Greener Festival and Sounds For Nature Foundation!

As hopefully many of you know this is a waste campaign that deals with the fact of thousands of (cheap) tents left behind at campsites of festivals as well as tons of outdoor and camping equipment. These items add to thousands of tons of waste that go to landfill or get burned and are worth millions of Euros! We kindly ask you to join us if you suffer the same problem at your evenzt or if you want to just support your colleagues even if you are lucky not to deal with this kind of behaviour and want to prevent it.

The aim is to build up a strong group of international festival’s communicating with one voice to campers, retailers, producers and media!

We offer festivals two packages to sign up to this campaign. The full package includes new clips, banner/ad layouts etc. that can be used online and on site as well as personalized with the festival’s logo for a small handling fee of 200 Euro. And there is the small package which is a very basic one that’s free and for online use. Pls check the presentation with all necessary info here. The agreements for full package and small package can be found on this site as well.

We produced a couple of new clips that can be found here. We offer those with festival logo integration for you to communicate the problem and initiative at your event. More info and much more offered material can be found in the LYT-presentation. Donot hesitate contacting us if you have any questions or suggestions. (UK festivals contact the UK-office at Eco Action Partnership for a special offer!)

And we are running two sorveys to accompany the campaign in cooperation with Bucks New University and A Greener Festival all summer. One is on audience attitude related to this issue and one is festival producer related. We would really appreciate if you post the first one on your web/social media sites and answer the second one yourselves if you are festival organizers. Pls. help us finding out why things are as they are!
Contact us if you wish to join or if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas!