Thanks for this wonderful workshop in Vienna

Greener, smarter, more sustainable – the GO Group motto is spreading all across the European events industry and we are finding more and more followers of the green events philosophy. Festivals from all over the continent have taken the lead on this journey and spearhead the movement, but still there’s a long way to go.

Now it was time for the 5th international GO Group workshop in Vienna at the Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environmental Agency), on April 7 and 8 2014. The workshop was kindly hosted by Beatpatrol Festival and Jump (Jugend-Umwelt-Plattform). Go here for some pics.

The GO Group workshop for Sustainable Festivals and Events focussed on „challenges & solutions“ (day 1) and „communication & audience involvement“ (day 2). Presentations, discussion and case studies from experts and major European festivals showed new perspectives and will be combined with group work and discussions on both days. 30 participants from seven countries joined and experienced two rememberable days.

Program: (subject to change)
Thanks for inspiring discussions and workshops as well as great input and interesting presentations by our speakers:

Andrej Balaz, Charged Mind (SLV)
Jacob Bilabel, Green Music Initiative (GER)
Hugh Dutton, Hugh Dutton Associés Paris(UK/FRA)
Manuel Großmann, Service Design Berlin (GER)

Sabine Gruber,
Tomorrow Festival (A)
Josef Hackl, Umweltbundesamt (A)
Felix Heckl, Umweltbundesamt (A)
Harry Jenner, Musicnet (A)
Dr. Karl Kienzl,Umweltbundesamt (A)
Claudia Kinzl, JUMP – young environmental platform (A)
Hendrik Landwehr, Charged Mind, Mach Dich Bunt (GER)
Teresa Moore, Bucks New University (UK)
Angelika Rainer, JUMP – young environmental platform (A)
Ruth Riel, Beatpatrol Festival, VAZ St. Pölten (A)
Holger Jan Schmidt, GreenEvents Europe, Sounds For Nature Foundation e.V. (GER)


Sun 06 April 2013, 19h
GO Group get together – a casual get-together on the pre-workshop evening at Restaurant “Griechenbeisl

Day 1,
Mon 07 April 2014, 10h
Main topic: challenges & solutions
Day one of our 5thinternational GO Group workshop dealed with the approach towards challenges and problems. We showed how it’s done in other fields and branches and worked out useful ways to find solutions, smart views on topics, designs and strategies for the festival and events industry. In the afternoon we broke out in groups and worked on current tasks and challenges of the participants

10.00 „A welcome to Vienna” – Opening & first round-upPresentation
10.30 „INFuSE – the traces of cool & sustainable events“ by Josef Hackl & Felix Heckl, Umweltbundesamt (A)Presentation
10.50 „FM4 Frequency et al.“ by Harry Jenner, Musicnet (A)Presentation   clip
11.30 „Introduction into the managment of cross sectoral multi-stakeholder processes: Zukunftswerkstätten, Energy Avantgarde visions and Sunplugged prototypes“ by Jacob Bilabel, Green Music Initiative (GER)Presentation   clip
12.00 lunch
13.30 „Design and Natural Forces – an integrated approach“ by Hugh DuttonPresentation
14.30 „Putting people in the center – How Design Thinking can help to create innovationby Manuel Großmann – Presentation
15.30 Coffee Break
15:45 group work sessions
17:45 results presentation, Q&A

 GO Group dinner, 20h at Restaurant “EF16” hosted by  Yourope – The European Festival Association

Day 2,
Tue 08 April 2014, 9h
Main topics: communication & audience involvement
Day two will concentrate on the communication with the audience and (potential) visitors. We will show examples of good practice and alternative communication tools. Main issue will be the engagement of the visitor. Also included: environmental education and the stimulation of more sustainable lifestiles.We will split in groups at the end of the day again and work on questions and tasks related to the main topics of the day.

09.00 „JUMP – the young environmental platform“ by Angelica Rainer, JUMP (A)Presentation
09.30 „VAZ St. Pölten & Beatpatrol Festival” case study by Ruth Riel (A)Presentation   clip1   clip2
10.00 Coffee Break
10.15 „Creating role models – Green Team On Tour“ by Holger Jan Schmidt, GreenEvents Europe, Sounds For Nature Foundation (GER)Presentation   clip
10.45 „Global 2000 & Tomorrow Festival“ case study by Sabine Gruber & Sophie Kratschmer (A)Presentation
11.15 „Participative design and gamification for festivals“ by Andrej Balaz & Hendrik Landwehr, Charged Mind (SLV & GER)Presentation   clip
12.00 lunch
13.30 „Is there a glass ceiling to behaviour change?“ by Teresa Moore, Bucks New University (UK)Presentation
14.00 group work sessions
15:30 results presentation
16:00 Good-bye

Thanks everybody for two and a half days of exchange, share and a great time!

Download here the invitation with speaker info, maps etc.