Eurosonic 2015 – here we GO again!

GO Group will once again be responsible for some top-level input as partner of Europe’s most important music business conference and showcase festival: Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen/NL. We will present another three sustainability related panels at the main conference at De Oosterport conference center and one session at the new EPIC conference and fair at the Ebbingekwartier.

This is what we have up our sleeve for ESNS 2015. Here we GO:

wed jan 14

Presentation of the Green Operations Award
@ European Festival Awards ceremony, Grote Zaal, De Oosterport
18.ooh cocktail hour
19.00h dinner
21.30h show

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thur jan 15

More sustainable food and beverage at events
De Oosterport, Marathon Zaal – thur jan 15 – 12.00h (60 min) – session info
Best-practice examples of how to consciously handle food at events, long-term strategies for developing sustainable catering at large events and challenges in the event context such as going full on veggie or the food waste problem. Presented by leading characters of the European festival scene if it comes to green issues.
Holger Jan Schmidt (GreenEvents Europe, Yourope, GER, host)
Anne Jensen, NorthSide Festival, DK
Peter Haugelund & Kevin Bendix, Stop Wasting Food/The Round Table, DK
Niklas Lundel, Way Out West, SWE

De Oosterport, De Kelder – thur jan 15 – 15.00h (60 min) – session info
Is there a gap between attitudes and behaviour of individual persons involved in an event. Such as audience, but also organisers or even service providers? Reasons, effects and potentials seen from all angles. We show the practical, scientific and psychological perspective.
Teresa Moore (Bucks New University, UK, host)
Dennis Behlau, Extrema/Green Events Nederland, NL
Goda Perlaviciute, University of Groningen, NL

fri jan 16

EPIC @ Gasfornuis, Ebbingekwartier – fri jan 16 – 12.00h (60 min) – session info
There are things that should be free for everyone in the world and there are things there should be far less of in the world, for example water and plastics. While it should be a human right to have access to free drinking water, the dishes it is served in are mostly made from plastics – the material that we often think should be cut down in an extreme way. Plastic islands in the oceans, unrotten bags in forests and cities, it’s the one-way mentality that makes it a problem. We will talk about the free offer of water that is initiated in The Netherlands, the ban of disposable plastics at Shambala and multi-use dishes that have been a successful standard in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for many years.
Teresa Moore (Bucks New University, UK, host)
Chris Johnson, Powerful Thinking/Shambala Festival, GB
Lyke Poortvliet, ID&T, NL
Carl Grefte, Cup Creations, NL

RESPONSIBILITY | The show must go on…
De Oosterport, De Kelder – fri jan 16 – 15.00h (60 min) – session info
We will discuss how we can maintain a thriving industry – creatively and financially – whilst managing our businesses and brands responsibly. Can we achieve an industrywide turn to sustainability and how can we take inspiration from innovative approaches to business such as circular economy and apply them to our sector?
Holger Jan Schmidt (Yourope & GreenEvents Europe, DE, host)
Chris Johnson, Powerful Thinking, UK
Chiara Badiali, Julie’s Bicycle, UK
Nienke Bassle, 10.000 hrs/ID&T, NL
Kim Rekko, Green Events Nederland, NL

sat jan 17

ETEP Festivals Marketing Meeting | Harder, Faster, Greener – Please!
De Oosterport, Ronde Kamer – sat jan 17 – 11.30h (60 min) – session info
GO Groups main man Holger Jan Schmidt is the exclusive guest at the ETEP festivals marketing meeting – talking about communication and green issues. During this session different topics will be discussed, including the best practises of audience development, the (dis)advantages of cool versus green and the subject of how to spread the message about green communication.
Nikki Wright-McNeill (Global Publicity, GB, host)
Holger Jan Schmidt (Yourope & GreenEvents Europe, DE)

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Groningen!

Please consider also the following panels put together for the EPIC conference by our colleagues of Green Events Nederland: