GO Group at the 1st European Festival Conference

The European festival association YOUROPE, reveals the program of their inaugural European Festival Conference. Taking place from 2nd – 5th December 2015 in the beautiful Gradonna Mountain Resort, Austria the new conference is dedicated to the interest of festival promoters to meet, exchange, experience and learn.

The 3 day event will include seminars, workshops and discussions covering topics including:

  • harmonisation in the eu
  • efc focus: marketing, sponsoring and communication with 4 workshops and sessions
  • health & safety (crowd collapse & crowd dynamics, serious weather conditions at festivals and events
  • sustainability at festivals (ways to solve the trash problem on camping, quality and sustainability for food & beverages) presented by GO Group
  • technical innovation (tools to manage your festival, cashless payment and rfid solutions)
  • 2 carrousel sessions focussing on the audience and the content
  • talking shop about booking

Yourope already holds regular board and member meetings at various European industry events as well as organising yes group or go group seminars and workshops, but with so many important issues associated with running festival there was never enough time to cover all the key topics. The European Festival Conference aims to address that by offering an event fully dedicated to the interest of festival promoters giving participants the time and space to discuss all the aspects of the festival business in a constructive and positive atmosphere. Besides a full conference program which is open for festivals from all over the world, there will be outdoor
activities, cocktail receptions and dinners to create a special atmosphere of exchange and experience. The conference program will contain content, which is attractive for promoters, bookers, health & safety managers, marketing/sponsoring managers etc.

“There is an increasing number of music conferences, export events and showcase festivals where festival promoters are a target group, but none are fully dedicated to the interest of festival promoters. The EFC is unique as it goes deeper into the topics and it involves the participants in each workshop and session to get the direct knowledge exchange” says Yourope’s Christof Huber. ‘

Conference Program (see EFC_Program_flyer_July 2015)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015
until 6.00pm arrival of participants in kals (AT)
07.00pm-08.15pm welcome reception
08.30pm-10.00pm 5-course dinner

Thursday, December 3, 2015
07.30am – 09.00am breakfast
09.00am – 09.30am welcome speech & keynote to be announced
10.00am – 11.30am the scientific arena: crowd collapse & crowd dynamics presented by the yes group
10.00am – 11.30am harmonisation in the eu (new legislation, future initiatives, cultural value)
10.00am – 11.30am marketing, sponsoring and communication – efc focus   “The differences in europe and how exchange can be value”
12.00am – 01.00pm new technologies “tools to manage your festival”
12.00am – 01.00pm “It’s only teenage wasteland – ways to solve the trash problem on camping” presented by the go group
12.00am – 01.00pm marketing, sponsoring and communication – efc focus  “social media – the new platforms and how to use them”
01.00pm – 02.15pm lunch
02.15pm – 04.15pm the carrousel sessions: three sessions with 40′ each about the audience: “how can audience involvement change audience behaviour”, “knowing your audience”, “audience segmenting”
04.30pm – 05.30pm reports from day 1 incl. conclusions
06.00pm – 07.00pm talking shop: june / july / august meetings
07.00pm – 08.15pm wellness & outdoor activity
08.30pm – 10.00pm 5-course dinner

Friday, December 4, 2015
07.30am – 09.00am breakfast
09.15am – 09.45am keynote to be announced
10.00am – 11.30am are we prepared for the unexpected?
serious weather conditions at festival and events presented by the Yes group
10.00am – 11.30am food, drinks & rock’n’roll – quality and sustainability presented by the go group
10.00am – 11.30am marketing, sponsoring and communication – efc focus   to be announced
12.00am – 01.00pm new technologies “cashless payment and rfid solutions”
12.00am – 01.00pm the vision – a mission statement for european festivals
12.00am – 01.00am marketing, sponsoring and communication – efc focus – conclusion – time to build a european think tank about marketing, sponsoring and communciation
01.00pm – 02.15pm lunch
02.15pm – 04.15pm the carrousel sessions: three sessions with 40′ each about the content: “how to give your festival a soul”, “how to plan your site with aesthetic, safety and comfort”, “art, design & youth culture at festivals”
07.00pm – 10.00pm farewell dinner combined with outdoor activity

Saturday, December 5, 2015
07.00am – 09.00am breakfast
Festival Conference Packages:
3 nights hotel from 2nd – 5th December including breakfast and dinner & wellness 2 day
conference fee incl. coffee, lunch menu, w-lan.
We are very happy being able to offer this package for a very attractive price!
€600 for use of double room
€700 for single use of a double room

Yourope members get a discount of €100 for a maximum of 2 persons.
Registration is available on www.europeanfestivalconference.com.
The link to the conference hotel is: www.gradonna.at

About Yourope:
Founded in November 1998 – Today representing over 80 members from 26 countries.
Yourope members are dedicated to improving the European festival scene in terms of: working
conditions; health and safety issues; environmental awareness; exchange of knowledge and
information; promoting the cross-border exchange of live music talent. The overall aim of the
association is to collaborate, share experiences and to pinpoint areas that would benefit from a
joint approach. Having gained respect within the industry and at government level, Yourope also
has the power to lobby for all legal and industry issues relating to the European festival industry
on behalf of its members and together with other associations in the live music business.
Yourope also focuses on other key issues for festivals – such exchange of information
regarding marketing and sponsoring, contracts, production riders or radio/TV/internet rights and