Thanks for the great time in Cologne!

Thank you GO groupsters for two and a half wonderful days in Cologne at our 6th international workshop and 5 years of GO Group celebration. We learned, got inspired (hopefully), discussed, ate well and it would be a pleasure for us if you took something home with you – an idea, a thought, a piece of cake!

GO Gologne 300We heared about various psychological aspects of people and how they might behave at events and in groups by Hochschule Fresenius’ Prof. Dr. Katja Mierke. We were shown what the wonderful people of Roskilde Festival and Tollwood do onsite and beyond by Christina Bilde and Markus Wörl.
We learned about “Redi Fa Coco” and communication psychology from Daniel Brunsch.
GMI’s Jacob Bilabel told us about the struggle of activists and the challenge not to burn out. Teresa Moore (A greener Festival) brought up the topic of values and ethics related to festivals and audiences before Amit Ray (INTEBUS / Hochschule Fresenius) took us on a ride from CSR 0.0 to CSR 3.0 and gave us fruit! We talked about festivals as platforms for change of minds, about responsibility, values and freedom.

Thanks for being such an interested, inspiring and pacient group of participants. Thanks for being just a great anniversary GO GROUP! And thanks to our hosts Hochschule Fresenius and Green Events Europe – we felt very welcome!

See you soon!
And don’t forget, what Mikkel asked: “What’s next?”
There’s always a challenge, a task, a reason.

Let’s GO on and on and on


GO Group Opening – Holger Jan Schmidt (GreenEvents Europe) & Svetlana Harms (Hochschule Fresenius)
On the social psychology of festival crowds: Scientific findings for fostering responsible and sustainable behavior
– Prof. Dr. Katja Mierke (Psychology School/Hochschule Fresenius)
Roskilde case study – Christina Bilde (Roskilde Festival)
Communication Psychological Aspects of Individual and Group Behavior during Events – Daniel Brunsch (University Cologne)
Tollwood Festival case study – Markus Wörl (Tollwood Festival)
Values, ethics and the audience – Teresa Moore (A Greener Festival / former Bucks New University)
Integrating successful CSR Practices: What can we learn from business? – Amit Ray (INTEBUS/Hochschule Fresenius)