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Take_a_stand_figurativemark_black_yellowFor a couple of years now “responsibility” is a major issue for GO Group. A topic we discussed on an international level at various conferences, workshops and fieldtrips. We are honoured and happy to support and co-initiate the ground-breaking initiative that is TAKE A STAND  . Starting out from the festival scene it aims to unite the whole music, live music, entertainment and events industry and o make them articulate the values they stand for.

We do so because it‘s time to take a stand for Europe, and indeed for the whole world. To create a movement encouraging social cohesion in our society, promoting awareness and tolerance for all cultures, genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, colours and origins. To motivate people to participate in politics and social activities, speaking up for peaceful dialogue, humanism, tolerance and mutual understanding, to make the world a better place for every single individual and for all of us.

Who needs to take a stand?

Everybody in favour of the European ideal and its values, all who believe in peace, inclusion and dialogue as opposed to fear and exclusion.

How can you take a stand?

  • Speak Up! – Engage yourself! Become part of a political party and/or vote on a local and national level.
  • Tolerate & Respect – Stay open minded ! Tolerate and respect other cultures and their values. Support proactively integration and open up a dialogue where it is needed!
  • Be Open Minded – Discover the world, aim to get in contact with other cultures, listen to foreign music, watch foreign films, read books, taste the food of the world and try to understand about other values and views than yours.
  • Show Solidarity – with minorities and help those who need help. Take on voluntary work and take part in charity projects. Solidarity make us stronger.
  • Be Active! – Don’t be silent! Join NGO‘s, support initiatives, sign petitions, raise your voice and spread the message on your social media platforms.

We invite all of you to join TAKE A STAND: festivals, promoters and companies, professionals, artists, activists and initiatives are invited to become ambassadors and partners of this campaign. Please fill out the agreement of partnership and return it with your logo. Thanks for your support!


Take A Stand facebook

Take A Stand @ Lollapalooza Berlin (Gruener Kiez)

Take A Stand @ Lollapalooza Berlin (Gruener Kiez)


Take a stand @ OpenAir St. Gallen - official 2017 Foto: @Michael Dornbierer / ausnahmezustand.ch

Take a stand @ OpenAir St. Gallen – official 2017 Foto: @Michael Dornbierer / ausnahmezustand.ch


Take A Stand @ Das Fest with Donots (Foto: Marco Weimar)

Take A Stand @ Das Fest with Donots (Foto: Marco Weimar)


YOUROPE memebers taking a stand

YOUROPE members taking a stand