Background on the EFA-Green Operations Award

The growing interested in sustainable or green issues has long become an inevitable element of the music, festival and entertainment scenes as well. This is most noticeable by the rapidly increasing number of different awards and certification schemes. So, why adding ‘another green award’ with the EFA – Green Operations Award?

Existing schemes such as Green’n’Clean, Sound for Nature, A Greener Festival Award, Green Music Award or the Green Music Business Award, Green Inspiration have all one thing in common: they honour several businesses, organisations or festivals that fulfil the criteria and/or guidelines that are bound to each of the awards or certifications and highlight their achievements in becoming more sustainable.

Recently, Yourope (the european festival association) and the GO Group decided to add the Green Operations Award to the renowned European Festival Awards series. Initiators of the above mentioned certifications and awards and independent experts also form the jury that selects one European festival each year, which has made a significant contribution to or achievement towards developing more sustainable events.
There is only one event awarded each year, so one could say that the Green Operation Award could be the ‘Green Oscar’ for the European festival scene.

For more information on the Green Operations Award please click here.