GO Group @ Medimex 2012, Italy

GO Group will host a workshop on festival sustainability on fri nov 30st @ Medimex, Bari, Italy

Greener, cleaner, smarter – Festivals and events go sustainable
The two hour workshop will show how (major) European festivals managed to run their operations greener and smarter and that it can be done by anybody. How do we meet the demands of artists and the audience, reduce the event’s emissions and still rock? We will present the green’n’clean-initiative by Yourope (the european festival association), the aims of GO Group (Green Operations Europe as well as best case scenarios from a major festival such as Roskilde (“Green Footsteps”, DK) and an mid-size event like Beatpatrol Festival (“GreenPatrol”, Austria). The aim of the workshop is to extract crucial fields of action, possible ways of approach and the chances involved.

Holger Jan Schmidt (Yourope, GO Group, GreenEvents Europe Conference, host)
Marie à Rogvi (Roskilde Festival)
Ruth Riel (Beatpatrol Festival)