EFA Green Operations Award Winner 2012 revealed

This Wednesday (9th of January 2013) the first Green Operations Award winner was revealed at the Festival Awards Europe 2012 ceremony at Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen.
The well-deserving winner is the WE LOVE GREEN festival! Well done!


The Award was presented by Holger Jan Schmidt, member of our Go Group and Yourope, who initiated this new award category together. Find out more about the underlying idea for the Green Operations Award here.

The awarding speech:

“Hello everybody,

my GreenEvents conference used a quote by actor Lily Tomlin as a motto last november: “I said ‘somebody should do something about that.’ Then I realized I AM SOMEBODY.“

Something similar happened to us and two years ago we founded the GO Group. All founding members are in the room tonight, which is very exciting!

GO stands for ‘Green Operations’ and the main aim always was to stimulate exchange between the players in the live music business to run their operations greener, smarter and more sustainable.

From day one festivals were a leading force in this particular field and they truely will be in the future. We found out how many good, great and excellent practises there are already, because they shared them. But we also learned how much of the way there still is to go.

That’s why I ask you to join us. Try it. Please, share your knowledge and experience and learn what the others are doing!

I think introducing the Green Operations Award to the EFA is a great opportunity for us and it is a perfect match that allows us to bring our expertise to this wonderful event.

Actually, finding worthy festivals for the Green Operation Awards long list was no problem at all.
→ Breaking it down to a short list was.
→ And finding a winner even more.

Here are five festivals that “did something about it“. The nominees for the first Green Operations Award are:
Boom Festival – Portugal
Maifeld Derby – Germany
Open Air St.Gallen – Switzerland
Way Out west – Sweden
We Love Green – France

I kindly ask all short listed festivals to consider themselves winners already. Because they are allkillers – no fillers.

So the jury picked one festival that made a huge impression on everyone, who took a closer look at it.

They were awarded with two outstanding A Greener Festival Awards in the first two years of their existence and delivered one of the five all time best results in the Yourope green’n’clean scheme.

And they do it with such a devotion and with such a positive impact and definitely by heart.

The winner is…


More information about the other European Festival Award winners here.