Sold Out Paris Workshop – Documentation

GO Group is happy to say that the 3rd international GO Group Workshop for sustainable festivals and events in Paris on april 8 and 9 2013 was sold out. More than 40 participants from 7 countries met at the impressive Hôtel de Ville for two intense days on “Energy & Power” and “Waste At Events”.

Thanks to everybody who made this possible – especially the Teams of We Love Green and Azimuth. We really had a great time in Paris and one of the best workshop experiences ever! Now here is – as promised – all the documentation, presentations and some pics.

See you soon somewhere in Europe – let’s GO!


Programm and Report

3rd GO GROUP Workshop – practical info (incl participants list)

3rd GO GROUP Workshop – Report (coming soon)


Presentations Day 1, 09 April 2013

Opening Presentation | Teresa Moore, Holger Schmidt & Jacob Bilabel

Case study: We Love Green Festival | Marie Sabot

We Love Green Festival Clip

Case study: Rock En Seine | François Missonnier

Rock En Seine Clip | François Missonnier

Renewable Grid Animation Clip | Jacob Bilabel

The Power Behind Festivals | Chris Johnson (workshop presentation)

The Power Behind Festivals | Chris Johnson (Powerful Thinking Report)

Finding Infinity Clip | Jacob Bilabel

Green Music Energy | Jacob Bilabel

Group session – posters & pics



Presentations Day 2, 09 April 2013

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly | Holger Jan Schmidt

Les Connexions Waste Mgmt | Nicolas Dahan

Do People Behave Better In A Clean Environment? | Teresa Moore

Camp Site Waste & Love Your Tent | Holger Jan Schmidt

Love Your Tent – 100.000 Tents Clip | Holger Jan Schmidt

Love Your Tent – A Greener Festival Clip | Holger Jan Schmidt

Group session – posters & pics


(All photos by Alice Dubot)