What a great first GO Group field trip to Øya

Delegates from festivals and organisations from six European countries met in Oslo (NO) at Øya festival for the first GO Group “field trip to Øya”. While the Øya-audience enjoyed good music, the festival ambassadors of a great many of European music festivals met to discuss about the environmental topic.

Øya festival’s Jlie Forchhammer and Håvard Lundberg, GO Group’s Teresa Moore (Bucks New University) and Sabine Funk (GreenEvents Europe conference, IBIT GmbH) together with the Norwegian rock organization (Norsk Rockforbund) opened this first international environmental workshop to be held on a festival area. About 30 professionals from festivals, organizations, educational establishments and economy came together for a sucessful two-day event. Tusen takk to Julie and Håvard from Øya !

On the picture, from left to right: Anne Jensen (NorthSide), Freja Marie Frederiksen, Christina Bilde (Roskilde Festival), Marit Flinder Johannessen (Zero), Mariann Skjerdal (Norsk Rockforbund), Louise Winnes (Miniøya), Teresa Moore (Bucks New University), Claire O’Neill (A Greener Festival), Martine Larsen Rygh (Miniøya), Julie Forchhammer, Håvard Lundberg (Øya), Lyke Poortvliet (Mysteryland), Fredrik Eive Refsli (Hovefestivalen), Sabine Funk (GO Group, IBIT GmbH), Elina Levula (City of Helsinki Environment Centre), Anne Helle Bjørnødegård (Vinjerock), Marte Pettersen (Økofestivalen), Sofie Torlei Olsen og Pernille Olafsen (Ekstremsportveko).

Along the participants were ambassadors from Roskilde Festival (DK), North Side (DK), Boomtown (BE), Misteryland (NL) and other local festivals. All these festivals made the green topic their daily business and aim to reduce their footprints in this field.

Like all other actors of this meeting, music festivals too have the responsibility to be a good example and reduce their impact on the environment. Øya festival takes an active part on environment protection for 10 years and happily shares their experience and expertise gathered so far, says Julie Forchhammer, environmental commissary of Øya festival.

Behaviour changes among audience

Øya festival is an active part of the European GO Group initiative, which works on music festivals getting greener. Therefore they discuss environmental aspects and experience between participators in seminars and workshops.

Music festivals have a limited duration, so the most important environment investion is the audience, which hopefully returns home with new impressions and ideas how to live more substainable”, says Forchhammer.


Day 1, Thu 08 August 2013
Main topic: Green initiatives at the Øya Festival / Live Examples & Best Practise

with speakers:

  • Julie Forchhammer & Håvard Lundberg, Øyafestivalen, NOR – PRESENTATION
  • Sabine Funk, GreenEvents Europe Conference & Yorope, DE
  • Claire O’Neill, A Greener Festival, UK – PRESENTATION

Day 2,
Fri 09 August 2013
Main topic: Climate communication and behavioral change – how can events impact their audience’s attitudes and actions towards a more sustainable lifestyle? Incl. speakers:

  • Paal Fure, Aegis Media, NOR – PRESENTATION
  • Christian Klöckner, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NOR – PRESENTATION
  • Teresa Moore, Bucks New University, UK – PRESENTATION
  • Benedicte Eie, strategic adviser GreeNudge, NOR – PRESENTATION
  • Christian Bjørnæs, senior adviser Center for International Climate and Environmental Research – Oslo (CICERO), NOR

High workshop-standards

The participants of the workshop listened to high standard contributions. Senior-advisor of CICERO, Christian Bjørnæs reported, how the climate problem can be communicated into different target groups and how proper strategies can be developed.

Paal Fure, CEO of Aegis Media, held a presentation about new trends and attitudes among the consumers which have to be considerated in communication, if you want to change their positions to the environment substainable.

Christian Klöckner, professor of social psychology at the NTNU gave hints how to influence the behavior of the audience permanently.

Teresa Moore from the Bucks New University and GO group co-founder, who works in the field of substainable events, presented new results of an international survey about the positions of the audience towards environmental measures on and of music festivals.

Benedicte Eie, communication advisor of GreeNudge, presented the results of his own projects, which bring the focus on people to make them think more enviromental friendly step by step.